Our Painting Classes

  • We structure each class around a demo painting, which Henry paints step by step with the children.
  • The first steps of the painting allow our painters to develop the image, and the last steps allow for creativity and exploration.
  • Painters will learn about colors: specifically, how they fit into families and how they mix, match, and contrast. Painters learn how to layer paint, and practice the motor skills of using a paintbrush. We play with shapes, for shapes create everything we see, both in the world around us and in our imagination.

Whether you are 6 or 60, have painted before or not, we guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience with us, painting, playing, and learning things you never knew before. You might just fall in love with art!

Our main location is Mt. Airy Alma Mater
, a warm and welcoming restaurant with a coffee shop and a bookstore. You can enjoy coffee, tea, treats and ice cream, with plenty of children’s books and a playroom for the kids.

Who we are

As you are going to entrust your kids, and quite possibly yourself,
to our care for 2 hours…

You probably want to know a bit about us.

Henry and Anna Martin


I am a professional artist with many years of experience teaching adults and children.

I never actually grew up so a connection with children comes easily to me.

I create a playful, caring and creative environment where I gently explain the secrets of painting. I give guidance that lets children explore.
If you are an adult (or you think you are), forget about that fact for a couple of hours;

come be a child with us again!

Henry’s website


I have a background in art, have painted since I was a child, and now create designs through digital media.

I keep Henry grounded as much as possible, and try to keep the children from painting each other’s noses.

Anna’s website